What makes our NOC
Network Operations Center
so reliable?

24/7 Support,
ready to resolve
incidents day & night.

The proactive monitoring service provides h24/365 days/year
coverage of the servers, according to a series of automatic
systems, systems management mode and communications.

Global frameworks to better
serve and communicate in
different languages

The systems under our management are monitored by a control system that performs verifications on over 40 parameters & services (e.g temperature, disks space, processes, Nginx, Apache, Mysql, Oracle Queries, Connectivity, Latency, Keyword Check...) for all the monitored servers and sites.
These queries are conducted every four minutes from four primary control centers in Milan, Amsterdam, London, and Tallinn.
The local sensor system is based on Icinga/NAGIOS, OSSEC and Splunk.


Operation Platform integrated
(Console, Trouble Ticket
System, NMS, EMSs)

  • monitoring system logs
  • performance monitoring
  • service control parameters
  • definition and development of monitoring console
  • implementation and backup control
  • control replicas of object storage or databases
  • physical cluster status
  • status monitoring virtual environments
  • network control
  • NOC team is also working to analyze the causes of any service

Redundant NOC with
disaster recovery facilities
to assure continuity

NOC team has to collect the necessary information to enable the
Customer’s staff to assess any disaster recovery solutions;
once the decision has been taken, the NOC team will follow the DR plan.

SLA:3 schemes according
the levels of services required

30 mins

office time activation

4 hours

other slots activation

15 mins

office time activation

30 mins

other slots activation

10 mins

h24/365 days/year activation

This level of quality gives our Clients confidence that their infrastructure is in good hands.