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BELLA Loves Me

by LivePerson

Digital bank powered by human love and generosity





From 2019 to the present day

Reinventing gamification in banking, to cultivate a vibrant community, and to reduce acquisition costs by delivering an engaging digital experience.

Our role

UX and UI design, gamification, brand design, and backend design. We also manage the integration with the US banking system. Furthermore, we have built native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile banking apps usually rely on a structure of menus and buttons. With BELLA Loves Me we took on the challenge of providing a wholly distinctive approach and establish the ultimate customer experience in banking, where community members are embraced like family.

Beyond this, the goal was to craft tools enabling users to assist one another in achieving their individual financial aspirations. In other words, infuse affection, aesthetics, and understanding into the banking sector.

AI-powered experience

The conversational interface of BELLA Loves Me is powered by AI and replaces impersonal banking apps with a rich, human experience. Users can easily initiate banking transactions simply typing in the needed action, the app processes the request, confirms with the user and executes it.


Gamification plays a main role within the BELLA Loves ME app and a dashboard designed to provide a 360-degree view of users’ finances integrated with the latest AI technologies offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Just to name a few of the features that go beyond the traditional tools of a bank, the karma account allows users pay it forward to cover small expenses for complete strangers, creating powerful moments of human connection --- BELLA Surprises instead is the personal cashback of BELLA Loves Me with random acts of kindness among BELLA’s community; it gives the possibility to support benefic initiatives with donations.

Themes offer a visual design features with a combination of magnificent colors and gradients, enriched with abstract movement energy. BELLA Loves Me interface also uses typeface sizes and hierarchy to provide a sense of order and unexpected elements to surprise users.

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