We support international businesses operating in the Finance, Fashion & Luxury, and Healthcare sectors in realizing their vision and achieving their business goals --- through the delivery of cutting-edge tech solutions.

The services we provide range from Software Development & Management and Cloud Engineering, all the way to UX/UI Design.


We craft architectures that seamlessly adapt to dynamic market challenges, turning potential hurdles into opportunities for growth. Leveraging a broad spectrum of tools including Artificial Intelligence, we open up new pathways for companies that choose us as their partner.
Software development is at the heart of our enterprise. Whether it’s intricate back-end solutions for complex systems, middleware designs, or engaging front-end applications, your vision comes to life with our wide-ranging expertise.

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Learn about Eleva, the framework for digital banking transformation by vegan/s

Backend / middleware / Service bus / Mobile application / Artificial intelligence


Our Cloud Platform & Operations Business Unit is adept in integrating and developing solutions across all major Cloud platforms, turning your aspirations into tangible business outcomes. By maximizing the benefits of Cloud through full Cloud services or hybrid Cloud models, we ensure your operations run seamlessly. Our infrastructures deliver high-caliber performance and adhere to robust security protocols, enabling your company to maintain a competitive advantage in a secure environment.

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Serverless / Automation / Ci/Di / Cloud Native / Cloud Engineering / Digital Transformation / Infrastructure as code

Software & Processes

Qualified technical and operational support form the foundation of high-performing and reliable digital products. Our team of Software Engineers is capable of providing assistance at every level of corporate process management, ranging from conducting monitoring services to Quality Assurance, Incident and Change Management. We excel in managing dedicated PaaS and SaaS for service and content management, as well as cybersecurity.

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Saas / Paas / Siem / Quality assurance / Bpo / Saas / Paas / Siem / Quality assurance / Bpo


We are a strategic partner for banks and insurance groups, providing advanced technological solutions, a global perspective, and proven expertise that helps them challenge conventions and harness the potential of innovation to adapt to market dynamics and demands. We use technology to derive value from data and create highly personalized customer experiences tailored to the ever-increasing customer expectations.

Fashion & Luxury

The Fashion & Luxury sector has been a significant part of our business right from the start. We have always embraced the challenges of this particularly dynamic industry, delivering projects that range from website development with integrated e-commerce to B2B and B2C mobile applications. Our expertise spans from UI/UX design to architecture implementation, all the way to asset release and maintenance.


In an era of hyper-personalized services, the future of the healthcare industry also relies on technological investments aimed at transforming not only people’s lives but also their relationship with the world of medicine. At vegan/s, we assist our clients in meeting the essential expectations that individuals have from the healthcare system, through the development of software and architectures that ensure rapid retrieval of information and a user experience accessible to any target audience.