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From 2015 to the present day

Transforming digital banking services into an unparalleled, engaging mobile-only experience through cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, while contributing to the establishment of a powerful new brand.

Our role

Development and release of the native app for iOS & Android, UX/UI design, middleware/legacy integration, RUN the bank (h24), integration of a lifestyle concierge in partnership with LivePerson, brand website design and development.

Mobile banking apps are typically a fast way to interact with banking services. However, when users need to speak with an operator for various reasons, they must call during specific hours and wait in a queue for the operator’s availability.

buddybank offers a completely new experience by fostering friendly customer relationship management in banking, available 24/7.

Finance & more

buddybank provides tools for customers to achieve not only their financial goals but also to assist them with lifestyle requests such as organizing a special getaway, offering gift suggestions, or making restaurant reservations.


buddybank’s mission is to bring customers closer to the bank by employing an empathetic tone of voice and utilizing conversation via messaging as the primary technology and communication channel between the bank and its customers.

The buddybank’s offering is centered around the idea that each user can experience having a personal assistant --- Just to name a few of the features, thanks to a live chat integrated on the app and available 24/7, customers can communicate with a human agent and discuss all banking services and more, anytime, anywhere.

Love is the elite module that offers a Lifestyle Concierge, a free Mastercard credit card, free ATM withdrawals worldwide, and free instant and periodic SEPA. Furthermore, with the support form Moneyfarm users are allow to invest small amounts in ETFs using a personalized portfolio.

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